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If the opposing party does not file a response to a divorce petition or agrees that the parties should divorce, the divorce is considered uncontested and the parties can be divorced without a hearing since there is no dispute as to the grounds for the divorce or that the parties in fact divorce. A Delaware Divorce Attorney can also draft the appropriate paperwork to present to your spouse to sign to indicate to the Court they are waiving any right to respond or contest the divorce.

If you are interested in filing for a Delaware no-fault divorce in New Castle County, Delaware please contact the Wilmington Delaware Uncontested Divorce Attorneys at  Walstrom Law. They office can be reached at 302-832-1800. You can also email a Delaware Uncontested Divorce Attorney here. Walstrom Law have offices in Wilmington, Delaware and Glasgow, Delaware to better serve you.

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With all of the data and information available today via the internet it may seem like a good idea to attempt to file your own divorce papers or pay an online firm for a ‘quickie divorce’. These solutions may not be the best way to go as there is still a legal process that must be adhered to. In addition, there are filing fees and an extraordinary amount of time involved in filing for a divorce. It may not take long before filing your own divorce can become costly, time consuming and overwhelming. With this in mind it may make sense to speak with and retain a Newark Delaware Divorce Attorney.

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If you are interested in learning more about filing an uncontested divorce in Delaware please contact the Wilmington Delaware Uncontested Divorce Lawyers at Walstrom Law. They can be called directly at 302-832-1800. You may also email a Delaware Uncontested Divorce Law Office by clicking here. With many years handling all family law cases in Delaware Walstrom Law will use all of their experience, strength and resources to fully protect your rights.

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