Marital Debt

In a divorce, or when contemplating divorce, people may only consider the emotionally and financially beneficial aspects such as what is best for the children and how assets, or wealth, will be distributed. What is often overlooked is the division of existing marital debt. In difficult economic or financial times this is especially true. If you are contemplating divorce or have been served divorce papers you should speak with a Delaware Divorce Lawyer immediately.

Divorces And Division Of Debt In Delaware

Retirement plans, 401k’s, cash, equity in homes and marital debt is all divided in a Delaware divorce. Despite any financial stability you may have enjoyed as a couple that may not translate once divorced. Outside factors such as loss of job, reduced hours at work or outstanding medical bills may also impact the division of debt, property and assets in a divorce in Delaware.

Despite a divorce being messy and uncomfortable it is very important to remember that you do have rights that need to be protected. Working with a Delaware Marital Debt Lawyer will ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire divorce process. This will offer you peace of mind so that you can focus on moving on emotionally.

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