Today, mediation is a required process in Delaware Family Court for some matters and many married couples choose mediation when seeking a divorce. There are many advantages to mediation with a third party such as a divorce mediator attorney in Delaware:

  • Couples may be able to air out all the issues affecting the dissolution of their marriage.
  • Couples get to work with an impartial third party to resolve outstanding issues and keep talks amicable.
  • Couples get to define their own ideas about issues such as custody or alimony.
  • Couples may be able to avoid time-consuming legal battles.
  • Couples may be able to save money by reducing the length of their legal dispute.

The Divorce Mediation Process

The divorce mediation process is fairly simple. A couple interested in divorce mediation will arrange a meeting with a neutral divorce mediator or divorce arbitration attorney for an hour or two hours per session. Multiple sessions are typically involved.

During the mediator sessions, couples will identify issues to be resolved as part of the divorce. This may include custody arrangements, alimony, division of property and other details. The couple will work through each issue and will be encouraged by the mediator to come up with ideas to resolve each issue. Since the goal of the mediation is to come up with resolutions that work for both parties, negotiation is often involved.

To work effectively, meditation requires a mediator who remains neutral and makes both parties feel comfortable. Mediation must also be a confidential process. Witnesses or others are rarely present, which allows both parties to be more open with the issues at hand.

The mediator has several roles to play. He or she makes sure each party gets a chance to speak and that only one person speaks at a time. The mediator also ensures both parties listen to each other and focus on the issues at hand, rather than on conflicts or personal grievances.

Once all the issues have been resolved, the mediation process is complete and the mediator submits the solutions and ideas to the courts. The courts will generally agree to the provisions established when granting a divorce.

The Benefit of Working With a Newark or Wilmington DE Mediation Attorney

If you are seeking a divorce and want mediator, you can turn to a mediator or a mediation attorney in the Wilmington area or your DE community. There are several advantages to choosing an attorney as your Delaware divorce mediator:

  • Attorneys are skilled negotiators. Attorneys negotiate as part of their job and know exactly how to negotiate skillfully. If you need to find middle ground or come up with more solutions, an attorney can often help. Attorneys understand the legal options. If you suggest something during the negotiations that carries legal implications or may not be feasible or enforceable from a legal standpoint, an attorney can advise you of this immediately so you can seek out alternative options.
  • Attorneys understand both sides of the issue: Attorneys are professionally trained to understand both sides of a case.
  • An attorney will know what issues you need to discuss in your mediation. They understand all the details you’ll need to consider as you seek a divorce.
  • An attorney will put your agreements into proper legal documents that get filed with court. An attorney will have the knowledge needed to properly file the paperwork once your negotiations are done.

Getting Started With a Divorce Mediator

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