During a divorce, one of the concerns you will likely have is financial support. No matter what your contributions to the marriage and what caused the dissolution of your relationship, you want to ensure that when you move from two households to one, you still have enough money to support yourself. This is especially a concern if you have children and want to be able to provide them with a good life.

For all these reasons, it’s important to consult with an alimony attorney in Newark, DE or your community. A qualified alimony attorney in Delaware will work to ensure you have the financial resources you need to support yourself and your children. They can also help you get the fair amount you deserve after the end of your marriage.

Many people believe that they are entitled to alimony or spousal support after their divorce. However, many people don’t realize that alimony and spousal support are two different things and they may qualify for support even before the divorce is finalized.

What Is Spousal Support?

Delaware recognizes that financial need may be necessary without the need for divorce. Spousal support is a temporary measure meant to provide a spouse with the financial resources they need to pay for reasonable expenses.

This form of support is granted if that spouse can show they’re unable to support themselves without assistance from their spouse. This is done by taking costs like costs for groceries, utilities, children, cars and a house into account. Based on the totals, the court can award temporary support to that spouse. The support can be valid for the duration of the divorce proceedings.

If temporary spousal support or interm alimony is awarded, it can be done from the date when the two parties become physically separated. Then after the final amount is set, adjustments may be done on a retroactive basis.

What Is Alimony?

Alimony is the support offered on an ongoing basis after the end of the divorce proceeding. The amount and duration of the alimony will depend on a number of factors. In most cases, longer alimony terms are the result of longer marriages. For example, a marriage that lasts over twenty years may result in lifetime alimony payments being awarded. But for a shorter marriage that lasts less than twenty years, it’s common for the period of alimony to be half as long as the marriage lasted. So with that example, the alimony period for a twelve-year marriage would last for six years.

Why Work With an Alimony Attorney in Newark, DE or Your Community?

Regardless of your position in a divorce, it’s crucial to have an experienced Delaware attorney protecting your best interests throughout the entire course of this process. Not only will an attorney help you understand the different steps involved in Delaware divorce proceedings, but they will also work to prevent you from being manipulated or taken advantage of at any point.

  1. An attorney can protect your rights.
    You may be entitled to alimony or spousal support but not realize it. A spousal support attorney in Newark, DE or any Delaware community can help you understand what you may be entitled to and aggressively advocate for your rights. At any point during your divorce proceedings, an experienced attorney can present evidence of your spouse’s income, your financial needs and your own income, so if you qualify for alimony or spousal support, you have a better chance of securing it.
  2. An attorney can modify support.
    Sometimes, after spousal support or alimony has been set, circumstances change. A spouse may get remarried, and their financial circumstances may change. If this is the case, it can affect your spousal support and alimony arrangements. If necessary, your Delaware spousal support attorney can submit the correct paperwork to properly adjust your obligations or the amount owed to you.
  3. An attorney can address noncompliance.
    Even if spousal support or alimony is awarded, it doesn’t mean your spouse is going to be compliant with the order. If you are owed spousal support or alimony and are not receiving it, a spousal support attorney in Delaware can take the correct steps to address this and secure you the compensation awarded to you.

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Whether you are concerned you will be asked to pay more than you can afford, or you’re concerned you will not get the amount you rightfully deserve, we can represent you in negotiations, mediation and even court. Our goal in every case is the same: to give you and your children the resources and support needed during every stage of divorce proceedings.

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