Business Valuation

When a marriage dissolves in Delaware all marital property, as well as marital debt, gets distributed. One very common aspect of marital property are business assets, profits and interests that were accumulated during the marriage. When going through a divorce it is imperative that your legal rights, as well as financial interests, are protected. This can be accomplished by retaining an experienced Delaware divorce lawyer.

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Designating A Dollar Amount To The Business

Assigning a dollar amount to your business is a very complex task. If needed the attorneys at Walstrom Law enlist the help of subject matter experts when determining the true value of your business. These experts can include accountants, financial planners and tax specialists.

When determining the value of your business during a divorce no stone is left un-turned. All aspects of your business will be examined. These can include:

  • Tax information
  • Financial records
  • Balance sheets
  • Equipment lists
  • Real estate
  • Intellectual property
  • Inventory
  • Spouse’s participation

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