Collaborative Divorce

Divorces don’t have to be acrimonious and overtly difficult. A growing number of Delaware couples are choosing collaborative divorce as an alternative to traditional divorce. In a structured setting, collaborative divorce offers a way to mediate divorce details and to come up with co-parenting plans (if needed) and other plans both parties can use after the divorce.

Collaborative divorce acknowledges that the end of a marriage is not just a legal situation — it is also a financial, personal and emotional process. In a collaborative divorce, attorneys and other professionals create a personalized plan to support a couple during the end of their marriage.

The process can differ from couple to couple, depending on specific needs. It may involve divorce mediation, meeting with financial experts or counselors, or creating a divorce or cash flow plan.

The goal in every case is to avoid a contentious court battle and to create a friendly and healing process to help end the marriage and give both partners a chance at a new beginning. Once everyone has agreed on spousal support, custody, child support, division of assets and any other issues, the attorneys offering collaborative divorce will draw up a legally-binding agreement to dissolve the marriage by the agreed terms.

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

By hiring a DE collaborative law lawyer and pursuing a collaborative divorce, you can:

  • Avoid the time-consuming process of a court-based divorce
  • Avoid causing harm to children and friends by dragging them into court
  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Keep things more amicable and less stressful by avoiding a contentious court battle
  • Keep assets and other personal information private by avoiding the disclosure personal facts in court
  • Avoid the larger attorney fees that can come with lengthy court cases
  • Come up with actionable plans to protect everyone involved after the divorce
  • Get any needed support from financial, mental health, legal and other professionals

How an Attorney Can Help You Seek a Collaborative Divorce in Delaware

Although collaborative divorce acknowledges divorce is more than a legal process, the existence of a strong legal component is undeniable. Working with a collaborative divorce lawyer in DE means the process is compliant with Delaware laws and stands up in court.

A collaborative divorce attorney in DE knows the laws and the issues you need to explore in mediation and can work to ensure the paperwork and the agreement are correctly filed. An attorney focused on this area of the law also understands the process and the resources in Delaware designed to help you.

Hiring an attorney for your divorce does not mean gearing up for battle. The collaborative divorce attorneys at Walstrom Law understand family law, divorce law and the collaborative procedure. They can help you develop a plan to avoid courts when ending your marriage — all while fully supporting both partners.

If you want to honor your time together with a collaborative divorce designed to protect your children, privacy and relationships, contact Walstrom Law to learn more about the collaborative divorce process in Delaware. Contacting an attorney is the first step to seeking a collaborative plan.

Together, you and your attorney at Walstrom Law can develop a plan for your divorce and a system that works for you and your family.

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